I started BEACHXPIZZA.COM with the intention of showcasing illustration and artwork pieces that I've been working on but it has grown into so much more than that. I am now busy working on various projects as well as constantly designing and creating my own unique stickers and artwork. I love mixing freehand illustration with the digital art world, specialising in all things weird and wonderful, I am always experimenting with different techniques and ideas. 

Here, you can check out just a few examples of old sketches and current projects that I'm working on but most importantly BEACHXPIZZA.COM is a super easy way to keep up with and contact me for any Art + Design enquiries you might have!

I can help you out with -

  • Custom illustrations
  • Event/Promo Posters
  • Logo Design
  • Merch Design
  • Photography

(And more!)

I am always looking to collaborate with new people, am open to any suggestions + ideas you might have so please holla at me if you're at all interested!

Contact art@beachxpizza.com for any Art/Design enquiries!

(Alternatively, you can just fill out the query form located on the Homepage.)

Thanks for checking out the site. xo - Jess.