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New Stickers!

A quick update in BEACHXPIZZA world - 

The last few months have been super busy for me, so apologies for the lack of blog updates on this site! I've been working on a few different projects, all of which I look forward to sharing the results from very soon! 

Aside from this work I have also created a brand spanking new grayscale *Pizza Slice* sticker design, these are top quality glossy coated vinyl stickers, scratch-proof and weatherproof to be slapped anywhere/everywhere, check 'em out - What do you think?

RMP's Guess The Band 26.04.2016

Here's the latest Guess The Band illustration for RMP Magazine - Any guesses? - Head to RMP's Facebook HQ to get involved! 

Unfortunately this will be the last Guess The Band image from BEACHXPIZZA in this run of the series for RMP Magazine!

But fear not, BEACHXPIZZA is continuously taking on projects! As always, new art is in the making...

Don't forget, this illustration along with all the previous Guess The Band drawings can still be viewed in the Art section on the site!

Guess The Band 19.04.2016

My latest Illustration for Rock Metal Punk Magazine's Guess the Band series is up! You must know the drill by now, so if you think you know which band is shown here, head to RMP's Facebook Page to get involved!! 

(This Illustration along with the other bands are available to view in the Art section on my site)

Guess The Band 11.04.2016

Another addition to RMP's Guess The Band series has been added to the Art section on the site - Check it out and see if you can find the hidden band in this illustration...

Remember to head to RMP Magazine's Facebook Page to get a piece of the action!

RMP's Guess The Band!

So it's finally here! Rock Metal Punk Magazine 's Guess The Band series is back!

RMP is a free online magazine where you can find cool news, reviews, photos and more on all things Rock, Metal & Punk - See what it's all about at

Starting this April, they'll be showcasing a series of Illustrations on their Facebook Page, all you have to do is guess the band displayed in the image - Here is the first Illustration that I've created for them, any guesses as to who it might be??

All images will be available to view in the Art section as they are released! Follow BEACHXPIZZA on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date and find out when the next Illustration is hitting the web!

Head to their Facebook Page to get involved!

(Next Illustration coming 04.04.2016)

More Artwork Updates


I have also just updated another section on the Art page. I worked with Attibassi coffee shop in Chichester to produce some concepts for upcoming promotional material. Although these images were eventually unused, they were great fun to create and are still some of my favourite designs.

(Check back on the Miscellaneous Promo section on my Art page for regular additions and updates.)

Need a Logo Design?

I've just updated the Logo Design section on the Art page, you can now check out the latest Logo designs that I have been working on - Recently I worked with the guys over at Party Train Express to help them out with a new logo for their store. 


If you or someone you know is looking for logo design or help figuring out a new logo idea, get in touch! Simply fill in the form located on this page or drop an email to art@beachxpizza !

Rock Metal Punk Magazine

I am super excited to join forces with the guys over at Rock Metal Punk Magazine! It's a free, monthly and downloadable PDF Magazine featuring great interviews/reviews/photographs on a huge variety of rock, metal and punk bands.

Starting from the 1st of April onwards they are looking to bring back their 'Guess The Band' Illustration series - It's a really fun idea and I am stoked to get involved on the Artwork for it - I look forward to posting updates as the images are put out so check back here at BEACHXPIZZA this April! All illustrations will be available to view in the Art section on this site.

In the meantime RMP will be revisiting some of the old Guess The Band illustrations (each drawn by the talented Daykneeart) Here's a great one to get you started, any guesses who band this might be?

(Don't forget to check out Rock Metal Punk Magazine on Facebook!)

Quick Update - I'm still here!

These last few weeks I have been very busy working on a few different projects and I am excited to share more information on these soon so watch this space! In the meantime - Stickers have been restocked(!) & there are a couple of new designs in the mix: The Gnarly BEACHXPIZZA designThe BEACHXPIZZA Gorilla design are now available as a Limited run of stickers so hit me up if you'd like to get your hands on some!

Just fill in one of the forms located on this Page or the Store Page - Alternatively you can drop me an e-mail at or come find @BEACHXPIZZA on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter 


Pancake Day Trailer

"25 Years ago they had him locked him away! Now this Shrove Tuesday one town is about to get flipped upside down!"

Good Films Bad Movies 'Pancake Day' Slasher-Movie Trailer has officially hit the internet! Watch the full trailer below and remember to check out the Art section on to view the official Pancake Day Poster Art! Thanks and be sure to let the guys over at Good Films Bad Movies know what you think of their latest masterpiece! (Facebook Page links below)

Digital Portraits

Recently I decided to experiment more with digital artwork - Beginning in Photoshop with what started as a goofy cartoon side project and escalated into a pretty cool mini series of Digital Portraits - Check out the results! The collection will continue to grow but for now, here are 5 of my latest Portraits - Available to view in the Art section on 

(Don't forget to check out BEACHXPIZZA | Art + Design on Facebook)

Pizza knowledge

I've been pretty busy working on a few projects this last week, so I haven't had much free time to post updates online (more news on these things soon!)

In the meantime, if you're struggling to make it through the week already, here are some very wise words from one of my favourite ladies - Daria Morgendorffer.

"..There is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life, that can't be improved with pizza.."

(Much wisdom.)

BEACHXPIZZA gets social.

Have just published a Facebook page! So if you're looking for a more convenient way to keep updated / contact me with any enquiries, then check out the new Facebook digs.


New Stickers

The time has finally come for BEACHXPIZZA Stickers!

If you're interested in some FREE limited edition BEACHXPIZZA Stickers, get in touch!

Stickers are all printed on good quality 170gsm glossy adhesive.

Email: or fill out one of the query forms located on this Page & the Store Page

- Enjoy

Instagrammers Assemble!

Have just kick-started an official @BEACHXPIZZA instagram feed, so if you haven't done so already please check it out (give us a cheeky follow?) and head back for regular updates including works in progress on current projects!