Baka Neko! @ The Open Market (Brighton) !

If you're ever in Brighton, head to Baka Neko & check out their collection! - I worked on this poster and it's great to finally see it up and around Brighton! Snap a photo & tag @BEACHXPIZZA if you catch one!



The last few months have been crazy busy so it's been a while since updates have been posted here on the site but this could not be held back! - Check out the latest BEACHXPIZZA poster design: Excited to be working with the guys @ South Coast Noise Society once again and looking forward to their No Escape Festival this May (More details announced soon!)


Grace - Abstract Creation

New album 'Abstract Creation' has officially been unleashed from Graceuk - It was incredibly fun to work on the art for this so do me a solid and go check out the finished product!


Available on tape cassette to buy online or at shows via Skeleton eyes - head to to have a listen / get your own copy! βœŒπŸΌπŸŒΈ

(Check out the full Album Artwork in the Art section)

DJ Devereux


Some new Artwork created for DJ Devereux Comedy! - If you haven't done so already then you gotta go check him out, find DJ at ->

I am always looking to collaborate and work with new people, so if you think there's something I can do for you, or if you know someone that might be looking for:

- Custom Illustrations
- Promo Artwork
- Event/Gig Posters
- Logo Design

Then hit me up, or drop an email to:


(View this Artwork in Full in the Art Section)

It's My Egg!

"It's My Egg!" Stickers designed for Good Films Bad Movies! If you haven't already, go check out their weekly Scotch Egg Review show at & Head to their Facebook page to find out how you can get your hands on these badboys! πŸ˜¬

(Sticker Design can be viewed in full in the Art section)

Skeleton eyes

Hey! πŸ‘‹ Quick update!

I've been helping out with some new typog!

If you didn't know, Skeleton eyes is a newly launched local Record Label! I designed this font and various layouts to coincide with XXV Art's rad Skeleton Illustration.

- Last week Skeleton eyes released some classic DKH tunes on Cassette! The tapes are available to buy @

You can check out the tracks here:

With plenty more cool t'ings on the horizon, Skeleton eyes are one to watch - Head to Skeleton eyes / DKH for more info!

(View the Logo Design in Full in the Art section)


Celebrating & Commemorating the struggle for Women's rights everywhere πŸ‘ŠπŸŒ

Know your "Quote Fiend"

New Artwork created for Quote Fiend! Inspired by their love of classic movies and on point quotes, I drew up this Art and incorporated some great Film posters etc into the final piece - Check it out:


Follow the Quote Fiend Facebook Page for awesome Movie & TV Quotes on the reg!

(View this Artwork in full in the Art section)


Recently revamped an old sketch idea into a colourful repeated pattern design ~ Now available to buy on the BEACHXPIZZA Redbubble Page 🌻🌻🌻 Particularly liking how well the design works with the Phone Cases & Cushions! Check out the range at βœŒοΈ


Meet the Artist!

If you've been anywhere on the internet lately you'll have seen the #meettheartist crop up quite a lot and I love the idea behind it! Artists all over the world are illustrating themselves and their belongings, giving you a sense of the person behind the art. Now I am sharing my #meettheartist drawing on - Highlights include my love of chocolate and my distain for alarm clocks! So hey, this is me! Is there anything else you'd like to know? Hit up

A larger version available to view in the Art section (under Miscellaneous Artwork)

Happy New Year!

Now that the festivities are coming to an end, I can share some of the commissioned pieces I did over the holidays! I love this portrait I was commissioned for as a Christmas present πŸ’š  Personal illustrations like this always make great gifts for friends & family & I am always happy to help out anybody in need of personalised artwork! -

Simply contact me on, fill out the form located on this page or find me on Facebook! (@beachxpizza) Let's start a conversation!

Here's to a creative & exciting 2017!

View this portrait in the Art section on this site! (Just click the Portraits link to explore.)

Happy Birthday BEACHXPIZZA


The website has officially been going for 1 year now and way too much has happened to squeeze into one picture (but I've tried!) It's been an exciting year for artwork and the opportunities continue to grow daily! Looking forward to seeing what the outcome for the next year will be! :)

If you fancy checking out the artwork live on the site then head to the Art section -

& Don't forget, if you're interested in purchasing any art or if you think there's any artwork I could do for you then drop an email to or fill in the form located on the homepage -

Thanks for checking out the website in the first place and for the continued support! Exciting things to come, bring it on!

BEACHXPIZZA is getting festive!


As well as exciting new BEACHXPIZZA art in the works there is also a collection of *WEIRD XMAS* designs on the way!

The brand new Christmas Cyclops design featured here is available NOW at*!

So head to and grab a you and your loved ones a Christmas Cyclops sticker this festive season! πŸŽ

*Did I mention there is a BEACHXPIZZA Redbubble page? It's basically a one stop sticker shop for a few of my designs, with many more to be added soon so keep eyes peeled for updates!

View the Christmas Cyclops design in full here

Unity Content - Website Launch


BEACHXPIZZA teamed up with Unity Content to create their new logo design (available to view here)

Unity Content are specialists in online content analysis - Giving small businesses especially, the help needed to boost their online presence and grow their business!

So if you think this might be something you'd like to know more about, or anybody you know may be interested, then pass it on, share the message and check out Unity Content at /


November is here!

So #inktober2016 has officially come to an end! All images can be viewed over at the BEACHXPIZZA instagram or head to the Art section on this site to check out all of the inktober drawings!

I have had a great month creating something new everyday without fail but now it is time to keep the creative juices flowing and move on to the next project! As well as my own BEACHXPIZZA related artwork I have also been busy helping out a few friends and clients with artwork needs and I look forward to sharing the results of these ventures very soon!

Here's to a great November -x-

BurntAxe - Guitar Design!

I've teamed up with the guys at Burntaxe to create this stunning custom guitar!

 If you haven't heard about Burntaxe already then you are missing out on something special. They produce custom, laser-etched masterpieces, designed to stand out in a crowd. It's not just limited to guitars though, head to to see what they're about and marvel at all of their amazing work. I will be joining forces with Burntaxe to create more designs in the future so if you think this is something you can get on board with then get in touch!

The artwork designed for this Epiphone SG was inspired by all things ocean and I am so happy with how it translated from Paper to Laser!

Front and Back

You can check out the images in more detail by going to the Art page on this site.

Find BurntAxe on Facebook to follow the story!

Photo credit:

Inktober 2016

This month I've been participating in Inktober! - Using Jake Parker's prompt list, every day I have been creating something new. Although it might not seem like much, the act of drawing every day is definitely getting my creative juices flowing and inspiring some pretty cool ideas!

By the end of October, not only will have an interesting body of work to look back on but hopefully I will have found the inspiration for my next big project! In the meantime I hope you enjoy following my progress along! All images will be posted daily on the BEACHXPIZZA Instagram and Twitter pages and I have also add a section dedicated to Inktober here on my Art page where all images can be viewed.

Take a look below at Inktober so far...